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The Brain behind..

Larissa Kleinmann

Chief Gazelle

Track & Field

The United States of America and (their) wild pigs shaped Larissa Kleinmann's life the most. Ok,let's not forget about sports...
At a mere 4 years of age, Larissa started her running career. At 15, she became member of the German national team. At 18,she broke the age group record at the NYC Marathon (3:18hrs), never having run more than 16km prior to the race. Her record stood strong for a decade. 
At 20, she moved to the United States to accept a full athletic scholarship at the University of Arkansas where she became a Razorback on the cross country and T&F teams.
Following a one-year stint at Boston University, Larissa transferred to one of the nation's top NCAA Division I track programs at Arkansas. Many titles, medals, All-America honors and 10 years German national team membership later , she hung up her light and flexible spikes in 2002. Retirement plan, take one.
In 2004, the most valuable years filled with a rich, multi-dimensional learning curve of Larissa's life ended,when she moved back to Europe after having completed her Bachelor's and MBA degrees in Marketing at the Walton College. One last MBA semester in France 
marked the beginning of a second, unforeseen career in sports:

University of Arkansas

Spikes were exchanged by stiff and heavy carbon cycling shoes in 2004 in Toulouse. By accident, Larissa suddenly arose as a pro cyclist on road & track and popped up at the world-lass level out of nowhere after a winter of training in France.
Another 5 years of World Cups, European & World Championships as well as international stage races and a disappointing miss of the Olympics later shaped as a steep, rough learning curve; she retired once again and for good from sports: retirement plan, take two.
In her two years as a track cyclist, Larissa belonged to the world's top 10 in the 3000m individual pursuit.

professional cycling

It became time for execution: time to put everything into practice Larissa had learned as an athlete and as an American business student. Time to put personality, creativity, analytical and strategic thinking into practice. Time to keep leaving out egos, because they get in the way of performance. 

It became time to start her last career: a career as a female entrepreneur in a country that gives the best ground to grow businesses out of creativity: Switzerland - the land of natural inspiration and  breath-taking scenery that helps to filter and focus on what is important with a calm mind.


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