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Di., 19. Jan.


Rue Kazem-Radjavi 9

Geneva - natural running technique workshop Lauf-Bahn 1.0

meeting point: at the FLUGPHASE car near the entrance parking garage Secheron Rue Kazem-Radjavi 9 1202, Genève Suisse in case of bad/cold weather, the workshop will take place inside the parking garage.

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Zeit & Ort

19. Jan. 2021, 18:30 – 21:30

Rue Kazem-Radjavi 9, Rue Kazem-Radjavi 9, 1202 Genève, Schweiz

Über die Veranstaltung

Price: 70 CHF per person


There are 3 well defined goals to achieve in this FLUGPHASE running technique workshop:  

1. make you faster without training more/harder (yes, this is hard to believe but indeed realistic for 99% of all runners!)  

2. bring more joy and lightness to your running  

3. take away load from your joints/enable to keep being a runner for as long as you want instead of being forced to retire because of knee or hip arthritis


1. introduction running technique

2. theory: Physics and Anatomy of running technique

3. warm up

4. practice: putting theory into practice:executing 5 simple but hghly effective running technqiue drills 

5. basic correction of participants during drills

6. influence of running shoes on running form

7. summary running technqiue and  advice on how to integrate what you learned into your training

RUNNING!!! Something you have always known how to do!? You never invested a thought into your running technqiue?  

Or maybe, you have not gone out for a run because your knee hurts, your back is in pain, or other parts of your body are crying out loud when you move on two feet and prevent yoursself from having fun doing it? Are you looking for lightness and speed but do not have much time to invest into training? It is time for you to work on your running technique!  

Iin the past 8 years, 10.000 individuals have participated in our FLUGPHASE workshops across Switzerland, Germany, Luxemburg , and Austria. The improvements in speed and pain relief by simply working on optimizing the running motion pattern have been jaw-dropping. please read our customer feedback on (German). Numbers tell the truth, always... 

Re-learn how to move naturally in order to become more efficient and faster - whether as a runner. triathlete, rookie, or pro athlete. Learn how to use the Laws of Physics for free speed and effortlessness. Natural, efficient running also prevents injuries and overuse by talking away load from your skeletal system.

FLUGPHASE introduces its customers into the light footed motion of natural running. Re-discover your potential and leverage on it. Within two hours filled with practial exercises and logical explanations backed by antatomical as well as physics facts, you will take an evolutionary leap forward back to your nature of efficient running. 

Give your body its natural functions back. Empower it by making it strong and independent of synthetic aids that make you weak in the long run. Give yourself back the lightfootedness and speed you once had! 

coach: Larissa Kleinmann - former German national teammemeber in Athletics (mid and long distances) and cycling (road and track), former professional cyclist, founder of FLUGPHASE and 

Language: the workshop will be conducted in English. Some French or German translations can be thrown in if wanted/necessary. 

Program: introduction, theory about biomechanics, short warm-up, pracical technique exercises with scientific/biomechanical explanations/concepts, summary. We run about 2-3km in total. 

Fitness:there is no fitness level needed to manage the program load. 

target group: from rookie to professional runner- every individual equally adds value to his/her running life 

dress code:please dress warm and weather resistant 

Price: 70 CHF per person

payment: on the spot 


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